About the System

What is the System?

The Global Information System on Appropriate Water Technologies is a search and consultation system, which provides data in a clear, fast and simple manner on the organizations that develop, transfer, sell, spread and research appropriate [water-related] technologies worldwide.

Why Appropriate Water Technologies?

Appropriate water technologies represent today an alternative solution to solve the problems of water supply and sanitation in marginalized rural areas. Difficulty of access, dispersion and lack of resources make it impossible for some communities to join conventional water supply and sanitation systems. There is as well a growing number of individuals and organizations, aware of the environmental damage caused by urban lifestyles, seeking lifestyles and production methods less harmful to the environment.

Where does the initiative stem from?

This is an initiative promoted from Mexico by the Gonzalo Rio Arronte Foundation and the Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA). These organizations have worked together for over a decade in the transfer of appropriate low-cost technologies for water capture, conduction, storage, efficient use, reuse, purification, treatment processes or alternative water sanitation and disposal in marginalized rural communities.

Who is it intended for?

The Global Consultation System on Appropriate Water Technologies has been prepared as a tool for decision-making, promotion and dissemination of appropriate technologies for water. The system has many potential users: Project managers and program coordinators that have been designed to solve water-related problems.
Technicians involved in research and development of appropriate technologies.
Managers in charge of designing public policy on access to water in rural and marginalized areas.
Organizations that fund projects in the area.
Individuals interested in applying one particular type of technology.

Where does the information come from?

The information contained within the system has been obtained exclusively from the websites of each organization and directly verified.

How to use the system?

Upon entering the system's page at www.codexaqua.com.mx you must register and provide some basic information, after which you will receive at your email a username and password. Upon receipt of the information you may access the database and perform multiple searches for appropriate technologies.

How the information is presented?

The system's reference structure contains a window divided into three search criteria: by organization, by technology and a cross search.

The Information on technologies in the query system follows the International Classification Code of Appropriate Technologies on Water, which was developed to unify the growing universe of technologies that help to solve small or medium-scale problems on access to water and sanitation afflicting a large percentage of the world population.